If it ain’t Buttery smooth, then you lose!

About Us

If it’s not buttery smooth then you lose!

Who we are and why we do it.

Buttery Kennelz is a family owned business located in Southern California.  We are more than a frenchie company, we’re inspired by today’s culture.  Our hearts beat everything Frenchie and we take great pride in the love & education that we provide to the Frenchie community.

We love to collaborate and share life experiences with others who view the world with the same enthusiasm and love for live that we do, so you’ll see us at various events all around the Nation.

When you buy a frenchie from us, you’re not just adding a family member to your home, you’re gaining a complete community that is dedicated to help you grow and enjoy your new addition.

Frenchies are a special breed, meant for special people like you. Our goal is to make sure everything is always Buttery smooth.